CHILD PSYCHOLOGY IN CIRCUMCISION Explaining circumcision to children with every single detail may have cause the opposite effect. The two words that cause the most reaction and fear in children are “to cut” and “injection”. Read more Make an Appointment Now CIRCUMCISION Circumcision is a nightmare for both mothers and children. It is a social problem and a cause of anxiety. We help with both the pain and the anxiety. Read more Make an Appointment Now
PENILE PROSTHESIS Urological prostheses and penile implants used to eliminate erectile dysfunction that may occur in the male reproductive system, the activity of sexual life… Read more Make an Appointment Now ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Hormonal deficiencies, problems in the veins and nerves of the genital area, anatomical problems, past diseases and medications can cause erectile dysfunction. Read more Make an Appointment Now PROSTATE SURGERY Treatment with prostate surgery can be applied to patients who do not respond to drug treatment at first but who do not respond to medication over time and cannot use medication due to side effects. Read more Make an Appointment Now VASECTOMY TREATMENT Vasectomy, also known as “Voluntary Sterilization”, is the most effective, permanent and reliable method of contraception that is increasingly being used in men all over the world. Read more Make an Appointment Now ESWT TREATMENT ESWT treats shockwave radiation applied from outside of the body, only by touching with the device without injuring the applied area. Read more Make an Appointment Now CLOSED SURGERY FOR KIDNEY STONES It is an endoscopic (closed) kidney stone surgery performed through an incision of approximately 1 cm from the back, usually in stones larger than 2 cm. Its advantage is that it significantly reduces the length of hospital stay and recovery time of the patient. Read more
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Your Child’s Circumcision


Circumcision is the nightmare of both mothers and children. It is a social problem, but also a reason for anxiety.

Erkek İnterfilitesi - Hizmetler

Can’t you have kids?


Male infertility is defined as the inability to father a child. Fertility is spontaneous pregnancy at a sexually active age.

Kondilom Genital Siğil Op. Dr. Nureddin Çelik

Brown blisters, spot?


Genital warts seen in men and women are the genital symptoms of sexually transmitted HPV infection.

Penil Protez Hizmetler

For Erectile Dysfunction


Urological prostheses and penilimplants used to eliminate erectile dysfunction that may occur in the male reproductive system.

How to diagnose varicocele


On the other hand, varicocele is the changes that occur in the testicles with the increase in fluid pressure in the testicular veins.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy


Shockwave is a treatment that activates blood flow in order to relieve pain and pain in the implemented area.

Prostate Treatment

Method of TUR-P

TUR-P is the most common and oldest traditional surgical method for benign prostate enlargement.

Kidney Stone Treatments

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

What is PCNL? PCNL surgery is the most used method among kidney stone treatment options.

About Me

Op. Dr. Nureddin Çelik

I’ve started working as a doctor since I attended Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine. I stopped working in the hospitals in 2020 with the thought of opening my own medical clinic. At the beginning of 2022, I opened my office in Karşıyaka Mavişehir Park Yaşam Ofisleri. In our urology clinic, I deal with my patients along with my team.

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I had kidney stone surgery, it was very good, I was very pleased, the attention was excellent, it was amazing, good doctor Nureddin, he is a great person both in his job and as a person, you can go without thinking.

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SER*** O***

He circumcised my 6 month old son. I definitely recommend it. I was very pleased with how to approach children and how to communicate. You can entrust your baby with confidence.


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Dr. Stephanie Wosniack is is dedicated to providing her patients with the best possible care. We at MediCare are focused on helping you. After receiving successful care for various aches and pains over the years, Dr. Woshiack found her calling to help others get well.


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